很多人看了北京的奧運開(閉)幕式都跟我說很壯觀, 確實是用了很多人很壯觀沒錯, 但你們知道其實北韓的國家人民運動大會才是真正的人潮戰術的始祖嗎, 張藝謀的靈感也是從北韓得到的
North Korea's surreal Mass Games (原文出處來自於Boston Phenoix)
以下是我很隨性的翻譯, 我最近還蠻喜歡跟大家分享國外的文章, 但只翻重點就好, 才不會又臭又長浪費大家的時間

(p.s. 背景那是人哦, 是小學生拿著不同顏色的版子排成的)
The most popular adjectives with which to describe North Korea are "Orwellian," "paranoid," and "totalitarian." "Repressive" and "isolated" get ample play, as do "dystopian" and "Kafkaesque." Christopher Hitchens once described it as a "slave state." Dubya name-checked it in his infamous "axis of evil" speech. Let’s add another to the list: surreal.
關於北韓的形容詞有很多, 像是",洗腦, 監控式的"(源自於喬治·歐威爾的1984經典未來小說), "偏執狂", "鎮壓的極權主義"等等等(想了解更多北韓的話, 請點wikipedia這裡)

Life in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), to use its official title, revolves around the personality cult of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung -- who was rather absurdly made president for life after his death in 1994 -- and that of his son and successor Kim Jong Il. Kim the younger is usually referred to as the General or Dear Leader, but has also been variously described by the Korean Central News Agency as the Sun of the 21st Century, the Highly Intelligent and Almighty Leader, the Greatest Personifier of Human Wisdom, the Incarnation of Might Displaying Infinite Creative Ability, and Top Brain of the Socio-Political Organism. 
朝鮮民主主義人民共和國的人民的重心就是在他們的領導金正日, 金正日被神化的程度就像當年的毛澤東以及我們敬愛的蔣公一樣
In the capital Pyongyang, your tour group (there’s no other way to enter but on an officially sanctioned tour) will cheerily clap along as your shy guide, exhibiting all the undisguised nervousness of a karaoke virgin, balances at the front of the bus while warbling the cheery Korean song “Pan Gap Seumnida,” or “Pleased To Meet You.” Should your country ever cross swords with hers, however, rest assured that she would have no qualms about mowing you down with an AK-47. The DPRK is permanently on a war footing, and all outsiders are viewed with suspicion.

Souvenir hunting proves tricky, and foreign visitors are kept clear of shops frequented by everyday folk. Books, all published by the state propaganda department are available (big seller: the snappily titled The American Imperialists Started The Korean War). Postage stamps are also popular, especially a design -- frequently sold out -- featuring former US President Richard Nixon being stabbed in the eye with a pen. Splash out on a beer with lunch and, should the eatery be short of Euros or Chinese yuan (foreign visitors are not permitted to handle North Korean Won, and US dollars are a political no-no), you could get two more beers as your change.
北韓的人民們每年投資了總共20億小時來練習國家人民運動大會來歌頌他們的神, 金正日
And while China has marshaled its masses to provide cheap labor for the rest of the world, thereby becoming an economic superpower, the DPRK invests an estimated 200 million of its people’s man-hours each year in a choreographed extravaganza of gymnastics, music and dancing. That way the politically vetted elite permitted to reside in Pyongyang can watch kids in fuchsia leotards doing back-flips through hula-hoops. They call it the Mass Games, and it’s the most surreal sight in the most bizarre nation on the planet.

With up to 100,000 gymnasts, dancers, acrobats, singers, musicians and trapeze artists performing in the Mass Games, the awe-inspiring spectacle can be explained as state ideology set to music. By cultivating a group mentality among participants, and by exhibiting to the audience the impressive results of thousands of people striving in unison for a common goal, the Games encourages the subordination of individual desires to the needs of the collective. Kim Jong Il himself has decreed, “Mass Games is important in training schoolchildren to be fully developed communist people.
這個全世界最奇異的運動大會動員了十萬名體操選手, 舞者, 音樂家以及藝術家, 主題就是為了表現出成千上萬的人為了達成同一個目標而努力的很協調做同樣動作.  (哈, 怎麼跟京奧的口號"同一個夢想"很相似啊)


In 2002, the theme of the Mass Games, which traditionally changed every year, was Arirang, a Korean folk tale that tells of two separated young lovers and their quest to be reunited. It is something of an Asian Romeo & Juliet story that could be interpreted as a metaphor for the plight of the two Koreas. Four million North Koreans relished 90 shows presented over four months in 2002. The Dear Leader was impressed, and declared that Arirang should be a regular theme. But repetition of the program in recent years has resulted in falling attendances. DPRK citizens pay 100 Won (official exchange rate: 165 Won to US$1. According to purchasing power, one dollar is roughly the same as 3,000 Won) for each 90-minute show. Visitors from other countries pay 50-300 Euros or the equivalent in Chinese currency.
原來我們外國人也可以看得到這種秀耶, 一人大約付50-300歐元(2000-12000台幣), 而北韓人民只要付20台幣就可以看了, 好好哦

p.s.再度強調一次, 背景看台上的畫的那把槍跟中國字(遠)都是由小學生組合起來的
The Arirang performance has resulted in aggressive military themes becoming less pronounced at the Mass Games. The Arirang narrative, however, is punctuated by choreographed performances highlighting North Korea's perceived achievements in building a socialist utopia, and visual representations of key moments in its revolutionary history, most notably its resistance to Japanese occupation in the first half of the 20th century and the Korean War. The backdrop, therefore, may still depict guns, missiles and determined DPRK soldiers, teeth, and bayonets flashing defiantly.
表演的內容都是在講古啦, 不外乎是一些二次世界大戰抗日成功以及南北韓戰爭大勝的陳年舊事.

這個超屌的, 是用二萬個小孩子拿著不同顏色的書來組成的, 聽說北韓人說這是世界最大的人潮馬賽克畫組合
(好羡幕他們團結的力量啊, 要是台灣加油隊也能用這招來擺出國旗就很屌了, 但不知這要花多少時間才練得成啊)
The backdrop of the Games, held in Pyongyang's 150,000-seater Rungrado May Day Stadium, takes the form of a huge and ever-changing mosaic. It covers one entire side of the venue and is created by 20,000 children flipping through the coded and coloured pages of pre-prepared books. Their heads peering over the top, they react in unison to the flag-waving commands of more than a dozen backdrop conductors. Koreans claim the mosaic it to be the largest work of art ever created.

哇哈哈, 這個主題超諷刺的, 它是在表達他們國家有很多菜跟馬菱薯, 而事實是每年有二百萬人死於飢餓, 北韓到目前為止還要靠國外的食物捐助才能養活三分之一的人民
The Mass Games depicts a heroic revolutionary struggle resulting in a happy, prosperous and independent “people’s paradise” where harvests are abundant. Reality is quite different. The DPRK is a bankrupt nation that struggles to feed itself, and largely blames its hardships on perceived US-led blockades. An estimated two million people were lost to famine in the 1990s. During that period, known as the "Arduous March," aid groups believe a third of the population relied on overseas food donations to stay alive.

n 2003 a British film crew followed two North Korean schoolgirls — Pak Hyon Sun, aged 13, and Kim Song Yon, 11 — for nine months as they trained for the Mass Games. The resulting documentary, A State Of Mind, reveals Pak training in a Pyongyang car park for up to 10 hours a day in temperatures as low as minus 20C. "Sometimes when I train I fall over and hurt my knees," she told the filmmakers, "but I long for the day I perform for the General, so I train through the pain."
北韓的小女學生好有毅力哦, 一年有九個月要為這個運動大會而訓練, 每天練10小時, 而且冬天還在室外零下20度練習, 但她們說她們渴望為金正日將軍表演, 任何痛苦都可以承受.

你們看, 他們笑得多開心啊

With a total population of about 20 million, the DPRK is a highly regimented society that lives and dies by a "military first" policy. Its standing army is 1.1 million strong with reserve forces of six million. The merciless razing of the north’s cities by American bombers during the Korean War left deep scars on the local psyche. At one point in A State of Mind, gymnast Pak visits the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum and asks her grandfather whether a shot-down US aircraft on display once dropped bombs on Pyongyang. He replies, "No, but it dropped all kinds of insects containing the virus of various plagues."

North Korea is the only country in the world that regularly holds Mass Games. The concept was originally conceived in Prague, by the Sokol youth gymnastics movement (its name taken from the Czech word for a bird of prey) founded in the mid 19th century. Though officially a non-political institution, the Sokol played an important role in development of Czech nationalism, providing an effective forum for the dissemination of mass-based ideologies. In 1882, the original forerunner to today's Mass Games, then known as a slet after the Czech word for a flock of birds, was held in Prague and featured 1,572 Sokol performers.
北韓是世界上唯一的國家有經常在舉辦這種大型的國民運動大會, 其實這個概念是來自於19世紀的捷克用來培養民族主義

裡面的一位體操選手說, 差不多練了一個月以後, 團體的力量漸漸茁壯, 而自己的個人思想就會慢慢消失
Over months of training for the games, young gymnast Pak points out in A State Of Mind that "group power develops and individualism disappears completely.” However, a zoom camera lens — not permitted to be taken into North Korea without official approval, alongside mobile phones, laptop computers and non-approved books about the country and its government — reveals a variety of unique faces and mixed emotions as young participants struggle to remain synchronized and meet the exacting demands of the state.

其實看不到京奧開幕式的人, 可以去北韓看啊, 一點也不輸北京奧運呢 (而且門票便宜多了)

我最近真的很愛爆料共產國家的真相, 一定是因為被遣返而不爽的後遺症啊.



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